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A gourmet restaurant
on the Annecy lake shore

In this gourmet restaurant located in the heart of Talloires, cuisine is an art and is accompanied by inventiveness, balance, freshness and this "unique something” which marks Olivier Suire’s talent, the Chef de Cuisine of the Cottage Bise restaurant "Les Terrasses", a gourmet restaurant located at only a very short walking distance from lake Annecy.

A gourmet, epicurean, and tasty adventure

At the heart of Talloires, the proximity of Lake Annecy and the terroir naturally inspire Olivier Suire, “Maître Restaurateur”, to create a seasonal menu and generous signature dishes, which have enriched a classical repertoire which is dear to the Bise family with personal recipes which revisit tradition and gastronomy while cultivating his roots.

A cuisine of tastes and terroir which combines simplicity, aesthetic and authentic flavours in a gourmet restaurant on the lake Annecy shore which honours the changing landscape of this nature which invites itself to your table and in your plate both indoors or on the terrace.

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“ I have the the simplest tastes of the world, I settle for the best " Oscar Wilde

A leading figure among gourmet restaurants very close to Annecy

Here, open-mindedness is not a vain word… welcoming both passing pleasure seekers as well as hotel guests, who can be viewed by guests in the lounge or at bar, the "Les Terrasses” gourmet restaurant room, which is sheltered behind the panoramic bay window which is used as a backdrop, offers a very exclusive point of view on the bay of Talloires and the zephyr-pleated lake.

The well-spaced tables of this Talloires restaurant on the shore of lake Annecy preserve the intimacy of conversations and the refinement of the white tablecloths echoes the elegant sobriety of a place with a resolutely minimalist design.

Only the fawn-coloured notes of the studded leather seats and the slight ruffle of the floral compositions which punctuate every table introduce a concerto of flavours which is served with original and contemporary tableware, an essential setting for a refined cuisine.


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Our restaurant welcomes you every day for lunch and dinner indoors or on our terrace if the weather allows it..

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