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Take a breath of fresh air
with the Cottage Bise "green station"

Fresh air is inspiring

For this 2022 season, the Cottage Bise hotel restaurant will continue its new “Green Station” concept. Take advantage of a unique setting which offers many walks and countless activities at the heart of a natural and preserved site, Cottage Bise offers you the possibility to use its electric bikes so you can freely explore the surroundings.

Thanks to them, you can go wherever you want by using a means of transportation, which is soft, non-polluting and respectful of the environment.

Respecting the environment is in our nature

Because in terms of ecology and sustainable tourism, lesser is better, Cottage Bise offers you its electric cars and bikes, which are available upon request so that your stay combines 0 % pollution and 100% fun with the feeling of being in harmony with nature and making an eco-friendly gesture to preserve this exceptional site.