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An exceptional
hotel and restaurant near Annecy

The promise of an experience beyond compare

If ever there was a place that did not fit the conventional definitions of a luxury hotel, this is it. Cottage Bise’s highly unique environment, which has been marked with the spirit and ancient history of a prestigious Talloires family, immediately takes its guests on a journey. A domestic trip, which takes place between the walls of the estate of Christine and Jean-Claude Bise and their son Nicolas, which is now a hotel restaurant with 4 stars that shine above Lake Annecy. Over time, the original house has been enlarged and renovated without abandoning the legacy of past generations.

Here, you are far from the rat race, far from bling, far from appearances. Luxury is intimately, discreetly and authentically experienced within the art of hospitality. From the Boat Bar terrace, the Spa rooms, the seminar rooms or the private villa, Le Cottage Bise hotel restaurant maintains its time-honoured relationship with the lake, the sky and the mineral lacework which marks the commune’s horizon, at only a few kilometres from the iconic city of Annecy.

“ Everything there is only order and beauty, luxury, calm and voluptuousness ” Charles Baudelaire

Time has embellished Cottage Bise’s beautiful history

No need to try and date the style of this mansion. This hotel restaurant is not a museum despite its timeless charm and its antique furniture that has been acquired over the years. In a few decades, the small family estate has simply expanded its walls in order to accommodate its visitors in what is now one of the renowned hotels of Talloires. The innovation and (r)evolutions are the fruit of the family’s desire to offer guests a hotel stay in the heart of one of the most privileged and intimate sites of Lake Annecy as well as exceptional offers, far from appearances and bling. Here, changes occur naturally, in accordance, not with a style, but rather a friendly and intimate lifestyle. The one that seduces the Bise family’s guests from generation to generation.

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