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Across water and over time,
delve into the Bise family history

As much a history as it is a dynasty. And a name which has blown on the bay of Talloires for nearly a century. With their family tree, talented descendants and an entrepreneurial tradition and spirit which has been passed on from generation to generation. When you speak of history, it’s impossible to dissociate the Bise family of the Cottage and those of the nearby inn. Since they are both cousins and neighbours.

17 May 1903

François Bize (the spelling of the first official acts) filed a request to the mayor of Talloires to open a bar with his wife, Marie, on the small plot of land with a chalet which they owned. They had two sons, Marius followed by Georges. Then began the Bise history.


The Bise father renamed the restaurant “L’Auberge du Père Bise” while on his side, at a very short distance from the lake, Georges and his son Fernand also took hold of their own destiny and likewise marked the history of the village of Talloires. In their own way.

The 1930s

Under the auspices of George, the youngest son, and his wife, the Cottage des Marronniers was founded on the family property at just a few meters from the Bise father’s inn.

Having a strong character and the soul of a "chef", Georges became over the years an emblematic culinary figure of Talloires. Great world leaders and also from the League of Nations were usual guests and made the Cottage des Marronniers "the place to be and eat." Talloires then became a well-known address and a popular resort for Swiss senior officials and international figures.


The family’s land was too small to meet Georges Bise’s guests’expectations. By acquiring 1 hectare and a half on the lake’s shore, next to to the Bise father’s inn, he finally had the space he needed to expand his business. One of his sons, Fernand, displayed an enthusiastic passion for the family business. Bright, but atypical, he abandoned the Hotel School of Paris for a less sacred but just as noble path of learning…

Point, the Claridge, The Savoy in London, Taillevent, The Carlton In Cannes saw him pass through their kitchens. Experienced and still passionate for the family business, he returned to Talloires to perfect his training "on the field" for 11 years with his wife Céline in the Bise manner.


above the bay of Talloires shined a true constellation of stars, unique in France… that bore the village to the firmament of gastronomy.


Georges died in the spring on 23rd April. Fernand then immediately took over the reins of the family kitchen, both literally and figuratively.

Behind the kitchen pianos, he perpetuated the 2 stars obtained by his father and gradually expanded the walls of the establishment. With one idea in mind: modernize the Cottage Bise without betraying the"family and friendly" spirit which had made its reputation.

With Fernand, the art of hospitality was at its peak. Multilingual and accustomed to big hotels and wealthy clients, he knew how to receive royal or industrial families, film stars and scholars with ease. From Rainier and Grace of Monaco to the Duke of Bedford and not to mention John Rockefeller and Dupont de Nemours, he made Talloires one of the references for the elite and who’s who.

And since the 1990s…

A new "wind” has blown on Talloires and has brought its stone to the foundation. Jean-Claude, Fernand’s son, studied at the Lausanne Hotel School from 1981 to 1985. He then had his first experiences with prestigious names:”Hôtel de Ville de Crissier”, under Chef Girardet and the Mandarin Oriental in Geneva, two popular Swiss establishments among food lovers.

At the head of the Cottage Bise since 1992 with his wife Christine and their son Nicolas who came in 2016, he and his family strive to keep the family and friendly spirit intact which made the estate’s fame while providing an essential modernity and a standard of comfort to seduce an increasingly demanding clientele. Major construction work, expansion of the terrace, renovation of the rooms, creation of the pool in 1993, seminar rooms that have been tailored to new technologies…

A lot of improvement and work takes place every year. It is without doubt one of Cottage Bise’s fountains of youth: never quite the same, yet never quite different and always in the spirit of the times.

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